The Rural Health Association of Arkansas promotes key areas of focus across the state through the work of committees.  These committees constitute legislative, workforce and educational foci for the association.  Please see the committee descriptions below.

Legislative Committee


The RHAA legislative committee focuses on state and national legislative priorities.  The committee members help to draft focal areas for the association and recommendations for association support.  All committee recommendations are taken to the Board of Directors for final approval.


LeeAnn Sheer, PharmD        E-mail

Benny Gooden
Kathryn Ryan
Mike Heald
Mellie Bridewell
Joey Miller
Janet Stallings
Matthew Stripling
Julie Pennington
Dave Oberembt
Michael Page

Workforce committee


The RHAA workforce committee seeks to address gaps and challenges in Arkansas’ rural health workforce and provide solutions to those problems in support of our rural communities.


Robin Howell        Email

Anna Huff-Davis
Tina Creel
Kwasi Boateng
Bryan Mader
Janet Ligon
Melanie Thomasson
Martha Ray Sartor
Quinyatta Mumford
Renisha Ward
Shana Chaplin
Melanie Meyer
Nicki Wallace
Cindy Crump
William Bridewell
Mary Ashleigh Harper

May 19, 2021    Recording
June 16, 2021     Recording
July 21, 2021      Recording

Education committee


The RHAA education committee examines opportunities for continuing education for RHAA members in order to improve rural health delivery and compliance in the state.


Lisa McClain, PhD (co-chair)        Email
Seth Bayird (co-chair)                   Email

Amy McMellon
Marybeth Curtis

Student committee


The RHAA student committee works to address the needs of healthcare students in the State of Arkansas, particularly those going into the medical field.


Melanie Meyer        Email

Madelyn Stricklin – ARCOM
Anna Mears – UAMS
Josh Gray – NYIT
Connor Roset – UAMS 
Jake Erwin – UAMS
Rosemary Kallarackel – NYIT 
Elizabeth Nguyen – NYIT
Yu-Yin Chen – NYIT

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